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A virtual injection training just for you: Meet nurse Sabrina

Fertility is a personal passion and an important aspect of who I am. I am a registered nurse and hold a certificate in sonography which gives me the training to both guide you and help you understand the physical changes to your body during fertility treatment.

Having dedicated such a big part of my life as the IVF Coordinator and a foundational team leader in private practice, I am excited and honored to be a part of the Encompass Fertility by CVS Pharmacy team. 

My goal is to be an outlet for you, so you can speak freely about your worries and concerns. Having been a fertility patient myself, I found that finding joy and positivity, even during challenging moments, was impactful for me. I strive to bring that into my care as we go through your fertility journey—together.

With over 20 years of fertility nursing experience, nurse Sabrina can provide the injection training support whenever you need it.

Schedule a virtual one-on-one to request personalized injection training.

Sabrina Sokolowski, RN - Certified Fertility Nurse and Patient Educator

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