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Finding thanks this season

"There’s always something to be thankful for” – unknown

The journey to parenthood looks quite different for everyone. You start with the desire to be a parent and, like lacing up your shoes to go for a walk, it seems like it will be easy. Then you take your first steps and realize all too quickly that this journey will not be the proverbial walk in the park.

The scariest roadblock for many is a diagnosis of infertility; met with uncertainty and questions. You begin to question your body, your choice to become parents, your sanity. You may even start to doubt our partner or other support systems. It becomes a daunting journey and a path you often feel like you walk alone.

We are not here to tell you that, while we cannot remove all detours in your path, we can assure you that you do not walk alone. As your pharmacy Care Team, we are here for clinical, emotional, and financial guidance; we are on this journey with you.

Finding a way to be thankful for an infertility diagnosis, as far-fetched as that might seem, can be a mindset game changer. Simply knowing what the reproductive issue & treatment plan are creates a roadmap that makes the journey gets a little easier.

With your roadmap in hand, would you like another way to make the journey more enjoyable? Try this approach:

During the month of November, seek out small wins and when you find these moments, celebrate them with gratitude:

  • That last shot in the belly didn’t hurt as bad as the first? Celebrate your partner’s technique.
  • You’ve dropped a few unwanted pounds to be as healthy as possible for pregnancy? Pat yourself on the back – that is hard work!
  • Your pharmacy Care Team helps you save big with a rebate? Happy dance!
  • Your best friend texted to see how you’re feeling? Bask in that love.
  • You made more embryos this cycle than last? Celebrate your body.
  • You get to see your favorite nurse or sonographer at the clinic? (You know, the one who knows how you are feeling before you can even get the words out). Write her a note of gratitude.

While you are in a thankful mood, be thankful for your grit. You laced up your sneakers and are navigating this journey called fertility. Clearing space in your heart and mind to appreciate where you are in your fertility journey might be just the sparkle you need to shine your way into the holiday season this year.

If you would like to share how you have implemented this practice or would like more information about how our Dedicated Care Team can serve you along your fertility journey, please reach out to Nurse Noël

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