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Meet Dan, pharmacist from Encompass Fertility

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Pharmacist spotlight: meet Dan DiBacco

About Dan’s role

I’m a pharmacist, so I care for patients and work directly on supporting their day-to-day needs. I also work as the fertility department manager. I make sure that our team feels valued, so their happiness is what shines through to our patients.

What he loves most about his work

By the time patients get to us, they’ve already been through a lot and they often have a lot of anxiety. There’s a ton of information being thrown at them, even from just the prescription side. They’re trying to figure out costs. They may have up to 10 medications they’re getting at a time, four to five of which they need to mix themselves.

This is when you have the best opportunity as a health care professional to really impact someone’s life. These folks are going through a situation that means everything to them, and most would give up everything to have a family. Helping them during this time is extremely rewarding.

How his team supports patients

I believe our strength comes from looking at someone not as a name or number, but as a human being. What we provide for the patients is built around that. When you’re empathetic, you realize that everyone is going through a different journey and everyone is coming at it from a different point of view.

From a service standpoint, we help patients explore the best prices, working with their insurance, or identifying discount options. And because timing is critical, we make sure our patients get their medication delivered right when they need it. We also teach our patients how to use their medication, whether it’s mixing or injecting.

What makes Encompass Fertility different

Even though patients are assigned a specific team of pharmacists and techs who handle their treatment, we make sure everyone here knows what to do to help every patient—whether that’s giving instructions or knowing how to send out a delivery. So, whoever answers our phone knows how to help patients from beginning to end and everything in between. It’s a different model of service and we believe benefits patients the most.

Craziest thing he’s done to help a patient

I’ve driven medication directly to someone’s home a couple times. But it's never a burden. We're always happy to do whatever it takes to help a patient.

About Dan’s family

Dan has been married to his wife Ashley for eight years. Together, they have three children, ages six, four and one, plus a Yorkiepoo named Miles Davis.

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